What is coaching?

Getting a coach may be the latest trend, but there are many different types of coaches, and thus different experiences and outcomes for the person being coached.   Some health professionals may use the term “coaching” as another name for health education (regarding nutrition, fitness, etc.)  The challenge is that most people don’t know how to apply the healthy lifestyle information they have into their busy and/or stressful lives.  If only information is provided, it's easier to slide back into the same habits which are full of less-than-healthy defaults.  Making changes can be very complex, and it helps to have someone to care about and work through it with them.

Coaching is about helping a person create a powerful and compelling vision of being their best, and then accessing the strengths they possess to help them achieve lasting change and the healthiest and happiest life possible.  This type of transformational coaching is based on deep listening, the use of powerful questions which bring out new insights and wisdom, creativity, empathy and a playful spirit.  We already have many sources of information and many people in our lives telling us what is best for us;  and I will not add to that overwhelming mix.  I know my clients are the experts in their lives already, so they often just need to find creative solutions, the motivation based on core values, and/or the confidence that they are capable and deserving of an abundantly healthy and satisfying life.

Making sustainable change can be tough, but usually comes down to a few key steps including discovering deep motivation, shifting into a strength-based mindset, creating appealing strategies for making progress and finding good support and accountability.  Working as a Wellness Coach over the past 10 years, I’ve been honored to support well over a thousand clients through their unique process of change and self-empowerment by replacing old obstacles with newfound strengths and creative solutions. 

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