Rise Up!

Everywhere we look these days, we are hearing the call… Rise up! Dare Greatly! Time’s up! Me too!  I think of it as the heartbeat of humanity reminding us that there is so much more good to be had. Some of the “old ways” are thankfully giving way to a new powerful mindset of equality, accountability, courage and compassion.   An amazing shift is happening within and all around us, and like it or not, you are an important part of it!  

Rising up doesn’t mean you do something extremely difficult or uncomfortable, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you do something that’s not in alignment with your beliefs or life direction. It simply means that you pay attention to what’s most important or to what’s calling you, and then breathe life into your strengths to move closer to it. Although coaching is one of the best ways to get the clarity and tap into your wisdom to make this happen, just know that you already have everything you need to rise up in your own unique way. 

I’m continually in awe & inspired by others who face their fears and launch into uncharted waters in order to make the most of their one precious life.  Rising up may look like a small step but be as deep as an ocean with its impact on you and others. Here are a few examples to inspire you. Enjoy!

A radiantly loving woman who attended one of my workshops last year recently decided to write about growing up “poor”, with no running water, often feeling dirty from infrequent bathing and the shame she still carries from feeling so different. After journaling on the stuck emotions and talking it through in a support group, she discovered she not only was able to start letting go of the shame but use the gifts of compassion, resiliency and transformation from her story to inspire others with their own transformations.

A couple years back, someone near and dear to my heart had always yearned to play the drums but figured she had missed her chance and had only gotten as far as "air drumming". Then, one day she saw a flyer for a 3-day women’s rock camp, culminating in a concert at a local pub. Although she didn’t know what she was getting into or if she could keep up - having never even picked up drumsticks - she went for it.  After learning the basics of their instruments, each participant was placed in group with 4 other musicians. By the end of the weekend, her group had written two original songs.  Interestingly,”Rise Up” was the name of one of their songs!  After their experience together they decided to continue on as a band and within a year cut a demo CD.  Originally a lofty, audacious goal, it was a dream come true for them all.  Ever since her time at rock camp, she generously donates each year to their young women’s scholarship fund so more girls can find empowerment through music.

Another woman in her 80s who previously attended one of my Vision Board workshops shared that she was on hospice after being given a 6 month prognosis.  Initially, she said she didn’t know the purpose of creating a vision board when her time was so short.  But after coaching to get clear on what was most important in her remaining time, and also imagining all the wonderful things she could do in with her next six months, she stepped into her vision and created the grand finale of her dreams. In doing so, she inspired the other workshop attendees, and all who knew her, to live their best lives and have the courage to transform their thoughts, even in the midst of great challenge.  Toward the very end of those 6 months, she ironically shared that the experience of creating the 6-month vision “saved her life”.

Now it’s your turn to take on whatever inspires you and makes your heart sing. You’ll surprise yourself with what can unfold, as well as all the lessons and gifts you'll get along the way.  And like some of the others above, you’ll inspire many to do the same.

Our world needs you to Rise Up!

What is coaching?

Getting a coach may be the latest trend, but there are many different types of coaches, and thus different experiences and outcomes for the person being coached.   Some health professionals may use the term “coaching” as another name for health education (regarding nutrition, fitness, etc.)  The challenge is that most people don’t know how to apply the healthy lifestyle information they have into their busy and/or stressful lives.  If only information is provided, it's easier to slide back into the same habits which are full of less-than-healthy defaults.  Making changes can be very complex, and it helps to have someone to care about and work through it with them.

Coaching is about helping a person create a powerful and compelling vision of being their best, and then accessing the strengths they possess to help them achieve lasting change and the healthiest and happiest life possible.  This type of transformational coaching is based on deep listening, the use of powerful questions which bring out new insights and wisdom, creativity, empathy and a playful spirit.  We already have many sources of information and many people in our lives telling us what is best for us;  and I will not add to that overwhelming mix.  I know my clients are the experts in their lives already, so they often just need to find creative solutions, the motivation based on core values, and/or the confidence that they are capable and deserving of an abundantly healthy and satisfying life.

Making sustainable change can be tough, but usually comes down to a few key steps including discovering deep motivation, shifting into a strength-based mindset, creating appealing strategies for making progress and finding good support and accountability.  Working as a Wellness Coach over the past 10 years, I’ve been honored to support well over a thousand clients through their unique process of change and self-empowerment by replacing old obstacles with newfound strengths and creative solutions. 

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