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    Cindy V-Maple Grove, MN

"The vision board workshop, led by Barb Maxfield transformed my life.  Her guidance in filling out the Dream Sheet and guiding me to reflect on my life were extremely helpful.  My vision board hangs in a place where I look at it frequently and I am amazed with the things that have manifested in my life.  Barb is so insightful in helping others in building the life they are dreaming of."

Barbara Schnichels, MSSW, ACSW, LICSW- MN

"Barbara is a master’s level coach with exceptional intuitive coaching skill.  She inspires people to be greater than they are with her uncanny ability to help people see different perspectives and to develop visions for change.  Barbara was also a team member for our group-coaching program and had numerous members comment on her passion and skill as a coach." 

photo by Lisa Fisher

photo by Lisa Fisher

Tammy Gifft, Carpe Diem CEO/Resiliency Coach- MN

"Barb is simply one of the best coaches I have worked with as a colleague.  She is intuitive, caring, and courageous.  I have referred many clients to her without any reservation and later hired her as my first Carpe Diem contractor where she provided outstanding coaching to Robbinsdale School District employees."

Marie S- Eau Claire, WI

"I was very fortunate to join a workshop that Barbara presented. The members of this group received inspiration for change and found great “aha’s”  under Barbara’s direction and coaching expertise. I would highly recommend Barbara.  She is an excellent coach who motivates people for change."


Barb K- Robbinsdale, MN 

"Working with Barbara Maxfield changed my life! I struggled with anxiety issues for many years. Barbara introduced me to a new way of thinking about my relationship with my body and mind. I learned mindfulness and how to apply what I learned to my personal life experiences. I got information about how to take care of myself in areas of work, family and community life. I loved the in-the-moment personalized guided visualizations that Barbara created. I always felt like I was being given a personal, healing gift when I left the office. I am so grateful for my experiences working with creative, compassionate, health coach Barbara Maxfield."  


Tamara R- New Hope, MN 

"After only one appointment with Barb I knew what a true gift her Health Coaching services are to me. Striving to always figure out a way to move forward, I have set numerous goals for myself, only to be disappointed when I haven't achieved them to the level that I wanted. Through my Health Coaching sessions I have been provided guidance to help me figure out how to look at situations in my life with different perspectives."